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HiSci Holdings Limited

Founded by Nobel Laureate Professor George F. Smoot




Form strategic alliances with carefully vetted hardware manufacturers in China, enhancing their products and welcoming these products under Prof Smoot’s brand.

Running in-house research and development.

Investing in startups and mature ventures.

HiSci's mission is to foster quality-of-life through science and practical technology.

We have three branches of activity:


"Our mission is to foster human wellbeing through advanced science and practical technology." 



Many cities are seriously affected by pm2.5 pollution. These  particles are thinner than spider silk. The body has no defense again them. 


So, pm2.5 is small. Most monitors for home use are too expensive or inaccurate.


We are producing an inexpensive, accurate and good-looking air quality monitor for home and business.

Because you have no idea how your air filter is working without it. 


The air-purifier market is highly unregulated. Most air purifiers don’t work very well at the pm2.5 scale, and most don't work across a room like they're supposed to.


Government readings of particulate matter are taken at a few points in a city or neighbourhood. They do not reflect levels in an apartment, office, store, which can vary dramatically.


All kinds of home activities like cooking or smoking can drastically increase your pm2.5. The monitor will show you how, and you can figure out if you're ventilating correctly.

Meet The Team

Dr. Jonathan Regier

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Nora Csiszar M.A.

Master’s degree in Psychology, focusing on positive psychology, the science of happiness and human well-being

P16626_01_071 copy 2.jpg

Prof. George Smoot

Nobel Prize, Physics, 2006.

Professor UC Berkeley & Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Founding Director of Technology
Chief Financial Officer & Product Designer
Director of Product Development
2006 Nobel Prize for Physics 
along with Prof John Mather, for the discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Prof Smoot gained his BSc and PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His primary research is in two areas: observational cosmology and particle physics utilizing the cosmic background radiation as a probe of the early universe; and cosmic radiation measurement utilizing balloon-borne superconducting magnetic spectrometers. His other honors include the NASA Medal for Exceptional Science Achievement, Kilby Award, Lawrence Award, and Albert Einstein Medal.


Becoming a Nobel Laureate brought a new dimension to his life: alongside research and teaching, he was now in demand as a speaker and commentator on science-related issues in the wider world. It is a role he has happily embraced, as he believes scientists have a duty to share information with the public, and explain their work in simple language. 


Today, he is readjusting his focus to taking basic physics discoveries and understanding and applying them so as to make peoples’ lives better through innovations and products, particularly in the fields of air quality and medicine. He sees his role to inspire and encourage smart young people, to set them off on the path to discovery.



HiSci Holdings Limited


Hong Kong, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon. HK

e-mail address:


Tel: +852 3469 2322

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